A & I Chewables (60 tablets)


A & I Chewables (60 tablets)

Allergy & Inflammation
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  • Supports Immune Balance in Hypersensitive Children
  • Supports Sinus and Respiratory Health
  • Promotes Normal Viscosity of Mucus
  • Helps Clear Nasal Passages


A & I Formula is a natural, non-drowsy formula designed to provide relief from allergy and cold symptoms and accompanying inflammation. New Beginnings offers this great product in a kid sized and great tasting lemon-lime chewable tablet. The following primary components are the reason why A & I Formula can provide optimal support to inhibit the release of histamine and to provide overall support to the body's mucosal membranes that can be affected by seasonal allergies, food allergies, and other environmental assaults on the immune system. 


 Quercetin - A powerful natural flavonoid with powerful antioxidant, antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

Stinging Nettles Leaf - Known for its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and overall healing qualities.

Bromelain - A strong pineapple enzyme with proven mucolytic properties and it inhibits pro-inflammatory compounds, thus reducing pain and swelling.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) - An amino acid that is a natural mucolytic that helps reduce the viscosity of mucus. Clinical studies have proven oral doses of NAC to be an excellent means to recharge cellular glutathione, a foundational antioxidant.

Vitamin C - Supports the immune system & a potent antioxidant that has many immune boosting properties and the abiltity to deactivate histamine.



Suggested Dosage: Take 1 chewable tablet as needed or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


Each tablet contains:

Supplement Facts

Serving Size

1 tablet


Servings per container 60  

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid USP)

75 mg


Quercetin Dihydrate

100 mg


Stinging Nettles Leaf

100 mg


Bromelain (2,400 GDU/g) (from Pineapple)

25 mg


N-Acetyl-L- Cysteine USP

12 mg


* Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: natural cane sugar, xylitol, natural flavors, stearic acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, silicone dioxide, and Rebaudioside A (Organic)

Formulated to be free of all GMO's and allergens derived from: Gluten, soy, dairy, casein, artificial colors and flavors

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.