Yeast Control Package (Capsules)


Yeast Control Package (Capsules)

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New Beginnings is now offering a capsule/tablet version of the Yeast Control Package designed for older children and adults who prefer pill over liquid supplements. The following potent herbal products have been placed together in this package to provide broad spectrum Candida and bacteria control. When the suggested protocol is followed, this package provides yeast control support for at least three consecutive months while reducing the possibility of the yeast building resistance to the herbs. Select the links below to read more information about the following herbal formulas:


Berberine Complex – 2 tablets per dose

Grapefruit Seed Extract Capsules – 1 capsule per dose

Oreganol – 1 capsule per dose

AlliMax Capsules – 1 capsule per dose


Suggested Dosage/Protocol: Dose according to above directions for each herbal formula with breakfast and dinner for five (5) consecutive days or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner. Start with any one herbal formula and keep rotating through all the herbs (every 5 days) for a period of three months. Probiotics should be dosed at bedtime or at least two hours away from herbal doses. This protocol can be used whenever Candida symptoms appear.

This package should provide approximately a three-month supply.