Memory Support Package

Memory Support Package

Memory Support Package 

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New Beginnings Nutritionals has put together this special combination of supplements – uniquely designed to work together to provide optimal nutritional support to support normal memory and brain function. This Memory Support Protocol Package especially recommended for individuals who may be experiencing age-related memory loss. Each package contains a 2-month supply of each of the products outlined below and offers a discount over purchasing them separately.



Protocol: Begin each supplement one at a time, adding additional parts every 2-3 days (to evaluate tolerance for each) until all four supplements are being given every day. A suggested "Getting Started” regimen is listed below.

Day 1-3: Take 2 BDNF with breakfast
Day 4-6: Add 2 BDNF with dinner
Day 7- 8: Take 1 Ultra Omega-3 with breakfast
Day 9-10: Add a 2nd Ultra Omega-3 with dinner
Day 11-13: Add 1 CDP Choline with breakfast
Day 14-16: Add 1 Lithium Orotate with dinner.

Full Dosage Schedule:

2 BDNF Essentials
1 CDP Choline
1 Ultra Omega-3

2 BDNF Essentials
1 Ultra Omega-3
1 Lithium Orotate

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease.