Immunity Support Package - Adults



Immunity Support Package for Adults contains:


  - 1 bottle D3 Plus K2 (60 capsules)
  - 1 bottle Buffered Vitamin C (180 capsules)
  - 1 bottle Chelated Zinc (60 capsules)
This provides a $10 savings over each product purchased separately

New Beginnings Nutritionals is offering an Immunity Support Package designed for adults who prefer to swallow capsules. The following products are included to provide a 2 month supply of vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc, all of which help support a strong immune system.  Purchasing these products as a package provides a $10 discount off of retail prices. Select the links below to read more information about the following products contained in this package:


Suggested Dosage/Protocol: Dose according to the directions below or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner. 

D3 Plus K2 - Take 1 capsule per day with food  

Buffered Vitamin C - Take 2- 3 capsules per day in divided doses with or without food

Chelated Zinc - Take 1 capsule  per day with food