Mold & Candida Colonization Package - Adult

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Mold & Candida Colonization Starter Package - Adult


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The Mold / Candida Colonization Package for Adults is a powerful combination of antimicrobial botanical supplements known to be effective in eradicating colonized mold or candida in the GI tract. This package provides a 6-week supply with the first 3 supplements** being dosed – one at a time – for one week each (in order listed below) before rotating through each antimicrobial supplement until finished. The rotation method is recommended to prevent resistance. This protocol should be followed for a minimum of 3 months.

**CoreBiotic should not be rotated, but given daily during the entire course of the treatment. It is recommended that colonized mold be treated before moving to the Advanced Mycotoxin Treatment Protocol.



Includes: Suggested Dosing Instructions:
1 bottle of Candida Formula 2 caps, 3x daily with meals
2 bottles of AlliMax Capsules 2 caps, 3x daily with meals
1 bottle of Grapefruit Seed Extract Capsules 2 caps, 2x daily with meals
2 bottles of CoreBiotic 1-2 caps, 1x daily before bed, away from binders


To download a fillable worksheet to create an easy-to-follow dosing schedule, click HERE.

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