Amazing Results for Children to Sleep (9/23/2021)
The Melatonin 1 gram Tablets are perfect for helping your kids to get sleep if they are having trouble going to sleep early and staying asleep all night. We crush (2) Melatonin 1 gram Tablets and mix with water and it works perfectly. New Begginings Nutritionals is the only company that makes a Melatonin 1 gram Tablet. Most other Melatonin supplements are 3 gram and 5 gram. Too much Melatonin can have a reverse effect and keep you awake so the 1 gram size is perfect for small children.

Steven - United States
Sleeping Easier (6/17/2021)
I prefer this melatonin over drugstore brands because I know that the ingredients are pure and potent. I also like that it is a 1 mg so I can control how much I am taking at night rather than taking a 10 mg gummy that may or may not work.It has been helping me fall asleep - and STAY asleep - which has been a struggle for me since I was a kid. This product has been a staple in our house for several months now and both my partner and I swear by it!

Emily - KS
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