A&I is a blessing to our family (11/18/2021)
Other children usually have ailments like we were experiencing linked back to viral infections, ours were allergies. Taking several other supplements, the one that was the game changer was A&I. We have had a few bumps along the way, but we have been able to link it to certain times of year and not having A&I in our system for a few days (usually because this mama forgot to order it). Our personal experience is once we get A&I back in their system, everything begins calming down in a day or so.We have been taking A&I daily for about 8 years. To be able to help children with a gentle supplement verses harsh chemicals is beyond words. We thank God for A&I and the people who care so much to make this product!!

Amber - Tennessee ✓ verified buyer
Seasonal Allergy Defender (10/7/2021)
I LOVE having A&I on hand at all times, but especially in the fall. In the past, I’ve had to rely on various over the counter allergy medicines but never felt great about taking them. Once I found A&I I’ve never turned back. When I take them preemptively before my yearly allergy season hits, I hardly notice the wave of allergens attacking. Everyone else is sneezing and I’m calm as a cucumber.

Brianna - Oklahoma
Great for allergies (6/22/2021)
Both my kids have multiple allergies. Since taking A&I capsules they have both been asking for more outside time and are even playing outdoor sports which they typically used to avoid!

Joanna - FLORIDA
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