Best product found (7/7/2022)
I use it for daily focus. I have a hard time with short-term memory. This sure helps. Need more, but they are out.

Karen - TN USA ✓ verified buyer
Really helped with focus (6/22/2021)
My daughter has autism and anxiety. Focus Mate has really helped her with separation anxiety and also with staying more on task at school/home. I have also given it to my teenage son especially when his anxiety levels rise around exam times or when he has multiple deadlines.

Joanna - Florida
When Nothing Else Worked (6/16/2021)
My son struggles with depression and anxiety. With so many products to choose from, we ended up trying 6 other supplements before we found Focus-Mate. Focus-Mate helped him to drastically decrease the number of depressive days each month. We won't be without it!

Meadow - United States

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