Easy on tummy (5/10/2023)
We've used core biotic for a couple months now for our 5 year old with ASD. We only use half a capsule as recommended. Other probiotics have caused diarrhea, but this one does not.

Mary - Fl/ USA ✓ verified buyer
Fantastic! (1/10/2022)
Can’t say enough good things about this probiotic! Does it’s job and doesn’t give my son an upset stomach! Will definitely be coming back for more.

Becky - Michigan ✓ verified buyer
Best Spore Based Probiotic (6/17/2021)
Compared to the other major spore based products out there, this one has more CFU's per dose, and it is not as expensive. I have also seen this help improve clostridia markers on the OAT in some cases.

Lindsay - US

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