A really great supplement (10/17/2021)
I've been using this for years and thought I should finally leave a review. I'm an adult and started taking lithium after reading the article "Should we all be taking a bit of lithium?" in the New York Times. At first I took only the recommended dose, 10 drops per day, in the morning. I started getting headaches in the evening, though, so I started taking an extra 10 drops in the evening. This all adds up to just 1 milligram total. Much, much less than a clinical dose of lithium, which would be 500 mg or more.I don't notice any negative side effects with this. The only thing I noticed at all is that I have an easier time letting go of negative emotions. I still have them, it's not like I'm drugged up, but I can get mad or upset and then move on.I've made a lot of other lifestyle changes, as well. But I think lithium has been hugely valuable for me. I've also read that it's important for neurogenesis (the production of new brain cells). So it might help prevent dementia.This is one of the supplements that I'm extremely careful not to run out of. Its effect is subtle but I really value it.In addition, the liquid is easy to use. I appreciate being able to vary the dose so precisely. It's also a good value for the number of doses you get, compared to tablets.

P.J. - Wisconsin

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