Advanced Mycotoxin Package - Adult

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Advanced Mycotoxin Treatment Starter Package - Adult


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The Advanced Mycotoxin Treatment Package for Adults is a powerful combination of supplements for a more complete and advanced protocol that also includes support for organs and detoxification pathways that can become stressed during the toxin eliminating process.

This package includes:

  • ToxinPul® provides broad spectrum binding and clearance of toxins as well as organ and antioxidant support
  • MycoPul® offers a cleaner charcoal and clay based binder for the effective elimination of mycotoxins
  • Tri-Fortify® Liposomal Glutathione to protect against free radicals and to help process and eliminate toxins
  • Milk Thistle to support the liver, the main organ which can be stressed during detoxification
  • Calcium D-Glucarate to support the Glucuronidation pathway and prevent toxins from being reabsorbed
  • L-Taurine to increase bile flow to support mobilization of fat-soluble toxins
  • PureLean® Fiber works as a bile acid sequestrant and binder of mycotoxins to aid in their elimination
  • LactoPrime®, a potent broad-spectrum probiotic that supports the degradation and elimination of mycotoxins

It is recommended that this protocol be taken with a quality multivitamin such as Daily Resource to provide and replenish the vitamins and minerals needed and sometimes lost during detoxification. Sensitive patients may wish to start each supplement one-at-a-time in the order listed below or as directed by their healthcare practitioner.



 Includes: Suggested Dosing Instructions:
 1 bottle of Calcium D-Glucarate 1 cap, 2x day with breakfast & dinner
 2 bottles of PureLean Fiber 2 scoops mixed in water or juice, 2x daily with breakfast & dinner
 1 bottle of LactoPrime Plus 1 cap, 2x daily with breakfast & dinner
 1 bottle of L-Taurine 1 cap, 2x daily on an empty stomach before breakfast & dinner
 1 bottle of Milk Thistle 1 cap, 2x daily with breakfast & dinner
 1 bottle of Tri-Fortify ½-1 tsp, 2x daily with breakfast & dinner
 1 bottle of ToxinPul 3 caps, 1x daily before bed. 2 hrs. away from food, medications, or supplements
 1 bottle of MycoPul 1 cap daily. 1 hr. before breakfast, medications, or supplements



To download a fillable worksheet to create an easy-to-follow dosing schedule, click HERE.


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