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I don't take acid reflux medication anymore! (5/3/2022)
I started taking these at the recommendation of my nutritionist NCP years ago. I was taking Prilosec pretty much constantly due to acid reflux, among other digestive issues. Testing for food intolerances and changing my diet were the biggest piece of the puzzle, but alongside that, I believe these probiotics were the other biggest contributor to balancing my system. After taking these regularly for a couple of months, I no longer fought constant acid reflux and sour stomach. I have tried other probiotics from time to time but always come back to these because I can tell the difference in my body. There are very few other probiotics out there that contain the prebiotic Saccharomyces boulardii, and I think that, plus the specific blend of probiotics in this supplement are what set it apart. Strains and potency matter! New Beginnings' supplements are truly unique.

Lacey - TX/USA ✓ verified buyer
Probiotic Support Review (3/1/2022)
Our whole adult family has been taking this product and all LOVE it! I wholeheartedly recommend this product! They are a great company to work with.

Conrad - WI ✓ verified buyer
Excellent Probiotic (1/13/2022)
My daughters gut problem is completely resolved

Satish - NJ ✓ verified buyer
Perfect Formula (1/11/2022)
I had a colon resection Dec 2017. After that the Dr. advised me to "take a good probiotic every day." Of course those you purchase over the counter are useless, plus you have to either take them a number of times a day, or take 2-6, or both. I quickly got sick of taking 4 pills twice a day to stay regular and support my gut. A counselor suggested Probiotic Support Formula. They sold it in her office. I thought, "OK, just a trick to get more money,but I'll try it" To my surprise it was ONE pill a day and did more for me than the drug/specialty store brands. I still take it every day and I swear by it. Times I've run out I can truly tell a difference.

Marcetta - Florida ✓ verified buyer
Highly recommend (6/17/2021)
I have been using probotic support for close to 20 years. I started using when I was diagnosed with IBS. They also help me tremendously any time I have to take antibiotics. Highly recommended

Brandi - United States
not bad (2/2/2012)
got it for my 3 year old ASD kid .His poop was always muddy and 3-4 times a day, we've been trying to fix it with the help of DAN! doctor and tried many different probiotics and this one seemed to have worked wonders. I have read in parents forum that not all probiotics works for everyone ,you have do trial & error to customize for your needs. I hope this has been the one. It doesnt need to refrigerate so you can order regular mail (my product came without any icebag with it contrary to what they recommend here. I give it with juice as my child is very picky eater , and he doesnt figures it out , whew! what a relief !!

Kuen - california
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