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5 stars (5/19/2022)
New Beginnings always has Sonic Cholesterol in stock and it ships and arrives quickly! Thank you!

Eric - Tx ✓ verified buyer
GREAT! (5/17/2022)
This was a life saver for my son and his issues with low cholesterol.

Maria - FL/USA ✓ verified buyer
Great Product (4/27/2022)
My son has been taking Sonic Cholesterol for many years. It keeps his cholesterol levels on track.

Sandra - IL/US ✓ verified buyer
Great!! (1/17/2022)
Thank god for this product. Apparently my body does not produce cholesterol and I need to take 4 of these per day. I'm also vegan so I do not get any cholesterol from my diet. Thank you New Beginnings for the convenience of ordering this product!

Nancy - IL/USA ✓ verified buyer
Sonic cholesterol (9/28/2021)
This product is impossible to find anywhere else likely due to the risk and perception of cholesterol in the pseudoscience world of healthcare, really disease management. Making cholesterol the enemy because drugs can lower it while barely having any benefit also misses the importance of this key biological fat all humans need to prevent cancer, make hormones Brain and nerve tissue etc.! Some patients that are vegan or genetically or bio chemically not able to make enough of this key nutrient can have life-Threatening’s or simply quite uncomfortable symptoms until this is addressed. Thank God for new beginnings and Lori for caring this and caring about nutrition, science, human physiology and people!

Brad - California, USA
Supplement (9/27/2021)
Great !

Debra - CA USA
Sonic Cholesterol (9/24/2021)
This has been a great adjunct to supplementation for my grandson's focus challenges.

Denise - California
Great product (9/24/2021)
This is a great product and this is the only place you can get it. Need a doctor to prescribe it.

Wendy - Florida/USA
Thankful for Sonic Cholesterol! (9/24/2021)
Sonic Cholesterol has helped my da12 yr old tremendously since she was 3 years old. Her doctor recommended it because her body does not make "healthy cholesterol". We noticed a difference in her speech development, ability to attend to age-appropriate activities, and her overall well-being as soon as we began this supplement. She's been on it ever since, under the guidance on monitoring of her doctor.

Lisa - FL
Sonic Cholesterol (9/24/2021)
My son, 20.5 yrs old, with regressive autism from his 18 month vaccines is taking this product to assist him with his low levels of cholesterol/fat. Since taking this supplement he has reduced his desire to put oil (coconut, olive, goat butter and even bacon grease/lard in all of his food when he cooks. I am grateful that our doctor thought it would be helpful and it appears to be exactly what he needed. Thank you New Beginnings!

Melissa - IN/USA
Sonic Cholesterol (9/17/2020)
My son was very anxious and depressed. His cholesterol was very low and after I read a few articles linking low cholesterol with Suicide we started this supplement. The turnaround has been amazing. He is happy and able to deal with stress now. I can’t recommend this enough!

Maria - New york
Sonic Cholesterol (3/1/2018)
This a a great product. After we started our daughter change completely.

Tania - Orlando
Sonic Cholestrol (11/11/2014)
I so appreciate the helpful staff at New Beginnings and this great product. I went from doctor to doctor concerned about my daughter's low cholesterol.Finally, one recommended this great product. Withina couple months we saw improvement. Her creativity was coming back and hermonthly cramps lessened.It really works!

LS - Washington
Sonic Cholesterol (6/4/2014)
I have seen incredible results with this product personally and in practice.

Laura - Georgia
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