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lifesaving (3/20/2020)
my teenage (vegan) son was anxious and depressed and i read articles linking low cholesterol to suicide/depression. since starting this my son had improved so much. once i cut it back (from 6 to 4 pills/day) and he started to get anxious again. since going back to 6/day he is great.

mary - United States
Sonic results (9/25/2014)
If your child's cholesterol level is low and you find him/her very touchy or with a propensity to anger easily, this might be a miracle in a jar. We saw results within 2 days of starting to take it twice a day. Look for Dr. William Shaw's videos regarding the role cholesterol has in the brain.

Tatiana - Los Angeles, California
Sonic is Amazing (1/24/2012)
Cholesterol levels take a long time to rise in a person's body. Our family always a history of low cholesterol ranging in the 120's, however my son's levels have always been in the 90's. He refuses to eat eggs. Even if he did, he would need 12 or more a day. So Sonic Cholesterol has been our lifesaver. It isn't the cheapest supplement when your child has to take 12 a day, but it works really well. My son's level after a year is now in the 130's and will rise. There are very few products that I feel are worth the money and this is one of them. Cholesterol is incrediblly important from turning your child from an angry, depressed, exorcist to a happy and healthy individual. I use the cholesterol and HBOT together to keep my son moving along the healing path. You will not find a pure supplement form of cholesterol anywhere on the net.

Robyn Griffith - Nevada
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