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Old Reliable (5/31/2022)
Love this supplement! This isn't an instant result calmer like CBD, but it gives us steady results. I believe it helps tremendoulsy with neuro-inflamation while we are detoxing and struggling with diet. Definitely reccomend!

Alisha - Indiana ✓ verified buyer
Helped me calm down (6/22/2021)
I've taken this for 4 months and it has noticeably calmed my anxiety especially during perimenopause. Though I can go a few days without it, everyone around me notices the sighs of trying to breathe easier. Been able to reduce several prescription meds.

Kristin - VA
Amazing for calming anxiety! (6/16/2021)
We love Neuro-Serene. Our son has had anxiety over the years and this product provides the neurotransmitter support to help with mood regulation. His anxiety is reduced when he uses this. Now, for any stressful situations, we make sure he takes Neuro-Serene and it helps him stay balanced and calm. My wife and I also use it on those really stressful days and it helps us too!

Eric - AZ
Changed My Life (1/5/2021)
I suffered for years with a type of anxiety mixed with depression. I started on 2 caps a day of Neuro Serene and day one it made a huge difference. I’m now a few years in and it continues to change my life. I do take 2 caps twice a day but if I miss any I’m not the same person. In fact I think it’s saved relationships including my marriage. Thank you for this product!

P. Hubert - US
works well (5/15/2020)
my son with anxiety and ASD takes it and this calms him down. this really works.

liana - CA
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