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GOOD NIGHT SLEEP (10/20/2021)
Hi my name is Barbie I started taking your NeuroMagT Supplement 4 days ago after months and months of trouble sleeping. If lucky I was getting anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a night sleep. I had tried over-the-counter sleeping pills, CBD nighttime sleep aid, melatonin, natures bounty sleep three with melatonin, cannabis infused gummy‘s, and Releaf Tincture with no success from any of these products. My niece had posted on her Facebook page bragging about what a great sleep that she had gotten from taking NeuroMagT supplements.After reading her comments I immediately ordered myself some. I have been taking two of them at 9 o’clock every night for four days and I have been able to get almost 6 hours of sleep last four nights.According to my Fitbit I am achieving 2hr. 11 minutes of REM, 3hr 37 minutes of Light Sleep and 1hr 15 minutes of deep sleep! I am so grateful for my nieces post and not have seen it I would still be struggling to find some kind of product to help me sleep. So grateful for New Beginning Nutrition and NeuroMagT!

Barbie - United States
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