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A staple supplement (11/18/2021)
This zinc was a lifesaver for me when I didn't tolerate any other forms of zinc. No stomach upset from this, ever! Tests showed I might benefit from more zinc and I do believe I have benefitted from this for years now. I don't get enough zinc in my diet as the things that contain it I either do not digest well or I don't enjoy eating.

Sherri - CT/USA ✓ verified buyer
Zinc absorbed by my child! (7/22/2021)
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your ionized zinc. I have tried for over a year to find zinc that will be absorbed by my children. I tried your liquid after using many different capsules with no results. After using the liquid for 2 weeks, my daughter, who spent her days with her “blankie” hanging out her mouth, stopped chewing on it! She told me months ago that she needed to chew on it b/c her teeth hurt. I asked her yesterday if her teeth hurt anymore and she said No. I know that it’s b/c of the liquid zinc and I am so glad you guys offer that!! She said next she’s gonna try to stop sucking her thumb.  I am so pleased to know that finally she is getting zinc in her system and it’s not just being wasted like all those capsules were!

Wyndie - South Carolina
Sweet Success At Last! (7/22/2021)
After 8 years of trying every zinc product we could find - picolinate, aspartate, chelate, even Water Oz, with only stimming and decline for my son who has high copper and troublingly low zinc, we've found sweet success at last - the New Beginnings ionic zinc concentrate we picked up at the DAN! conference caused no ill effects, and his cold cleared up in only 2 days! I tried it to, and it's got a sweet aftertaste. Now we're both using it!

Cynthia - Burnaby, Canada
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