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Very gentle (10/8/2021)
I have been taking this formula for a while and I like it because it's not too potent and it doesn't upset my GI Tract. However, the product used to be better as palm oil was added, I assume as a flow agent, and for some reason there is now a fruity smell to it.

Steven - CA/USA
Amazing Antioxidants in one! (6/22/2021)
Been taking this for 4 months and sneak it into my kids smoothies when I can. Love this bc it has a lot of the products I use in here. NAC, vitamin E, A and I know it's actually helping us bc I feel better, and more energetic

kristin - VA
Good simple formula (12/27/2020)
I am an adult and I use this formula since I don't do well on very high doses of any supplement and this is also well rounded.The previous formula was preferred as this now has an odd sweet odor to it ever since they started adding palm oil, but it is still easy on the gut.

steve - CA/USA
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