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The BEST (5/9/2022)
My husband ruined his knees playing tennis over the years. He's tried many brands of CBD to alleviate knee pain, and this is hands down the best.

Dawn - Indiana ✓ verified buyer
Excellent taste and eficacy (4/28/2022)
Excellent CBD product. Effective, great flavor, patient preference for taste and results.

Margaret - TX/USA ✓ verified buyer
Berry CBD (10/19/2021)
I have been using the Full Spectrum Berry CBD for almost 1.5 years. My supplier has always been New Beginnings. I find that they offer good customer service and there delivery of product is very prompt. I have used the product for ease of my back issues and it seems to help.

Holly - United States
Helps in so many areas! (6/17/2021)
I take this CBD Oil before bed on nights that my brain won't stop going 100 miles and hour. It helps settle me down enough so I can fall asleep. It also does great for my anxiety and even helps with my achy joints.

Maria - KS
Back pain (5/7/2021)
I find that Zilis is the best Cbd oil that lubricants and allows me to have relief from the nerve pain going down my leg. It took a couple weeks but it was like a miracle. I take no other meds

Joann - Illinois
I give to my dog (1/18/2020)
I give my dog one a day she was holding her leg up the doctor wanted to do an operation for about $2000.00. The dog is 11 years old I think it might hurt her in the long time. If she was younger I wouldn’t think twice about the operation she would get it. She is running around like a 2 year old. I try to slow her down so she doesn’t hurt it more but I am happy

Tom - United States
Best on market (8/13/2019)
I started off with a trail size bottle and it instantly worked for me. I am taking it for after surgery knee replacement because I was having some issues and my doctor recommended taking CBD oil. I work for a family practice and we started selling it so that's where I began taking it I have since going to the large size bottle and I let people know that it really does work and this is my example. I was in the car accident about 3 weeks ago and I was taking the CBD oil after my accident everybody kept saying to meet you're going to be so sore. Well I wasn't only in the places that I hurt myself in my accident is what really hurt I did not have whiplash I did not have any sore muscles after my accident. When I ran out of it and I didn't have any to take I fell down the stairs and I had back pain knee pain muscle pain from reaching up for the hand rail. I need to buy more. So therefore this really does work and it does help all over.

Kimberly Ryan - Pennsylvania United States
Epilepsy tremors (5/22/2019)
My husband has been using this product for about a month now, he sleeps better, & the tremors the Dr's said were not epileptic related are gone. I'm impressed with this product & looking forward to trying some of their other products as well.

Penny - Texas/USA
Effect on Horses (4/11/2019)
I started using this on my horses about 2 months ago. They both had stomach ulcers, very nervous in alley, and one would swish her tail and be mad the whole time you rode her. After about a week of using ultra cell CBD I noticed a substantial difference in their demeanor as well as performance. Now I use it before every race and if one seems sore! I swear by it!

Autumn - United States
Ultra Cell Hemp Oil (2/5/2019)
I am so excited that New Beginnings is carrying Ultra Cell CBD Oil. I suffered from Tremors and went through harsh neuro drugs only to get worse to the point of losing major motor skill functions, barely walking and taking care of myself. This is when you stop and listen to your what your body is telling you and heal from within. Take it from one who knows the value of healing your endocannibinoid system with quality hemp oil! After struggling for six long months...just two days of CBD Oil and my body was healing, all my functions came back and my tremors became non existent! You have to find your balance in dosing, but it gave me my life back and so many more benefits! Balance your life & take are worth every penny!

Lisa - Sierra Vista, AZ, USA
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